Receive His Grace

Grace is a topic of discussion often in the church world. It is a word freely used, but sorely undervalued, abused, and often misconstrued. If I were to define grace in a couple of sentences it would be the unmerited favor from God due to the finished work of the cross that allows us to… Continue reading Receive His Grace


My Favorite “Must Reads” from 2018

I have taken a rather significant break from writing. Partially because of time constraints and partially because of major writer's block. However, I decided to share in brief three impactful books that I read this past year that have had a profound impact on my spiritual development, the way I see ministry, and how I… Continue reading My Favorite “Must Reads” from 2018


Why I have Confidence God is Hearing and Answering Our Prayers

In this post, I am going to open up and be a little bit more real and raw than normal about a moment last week where I experienced major doubt and discouragement. I pray that as you read this it encourages you and provokes you to keep the fire on the altar of your heart… Continue reading Why I have Confidence God is Hearing and Answering Our Prayers

Purpose of Blog

A Fire That Keeps: The Heart and Purpose

We know that there is not a single question that Jesus does not already have the answer. His choice to ask this question was not for His sake, but ours.  I believe this is the primary question Jesus is still asking us today, "Will you be found faithful?"